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Mayers Memorial Hospital District

Outpatient Surgery Survey

Please tell us about your experience with the MMHD Surgery Department.
  Date of Visit
  Where you able to schedule your procedure in a timely manner?
  Was the check-in process prompt and efficient on the day of your procedure?
  Did you feel that your individual needs and/or concerns were heard and addressed by the Outpatient Surgery staff?
  Was the comfort and cleanliness of the patient rooms to your satisfaction?
  Was the overall quality of care and service provided by the Outpatient Surgery staff?
  Was the Outpatient Surgery staff professional and respectful of your privacy?
  Did you find the Pre-Op visit helpful and informational?
  What did you like most about your visit?
  What could we have done better?
  Would you return to Mayers Memorial Hospital if you required medical care in the future?
  Would you recommend Mayers Memorial Hospital to your friends or family?
  Did you contact your Primary Care Provider or go to the Emergency Room at any time after your discharge from Outpatient Surgery, due to concerns or questions about your procedure or anesthesia?
  Other comments