Part of our application process is to ensure all applicants are aware of the Standards of Behavior we expect from each of our employees. Please read and check the box at the bottom of this page to show you acknowledge these standards.


At MCHHS we take our accountabilities seriously and the Standards of Behavior reflects the mission and values of the organization. Our passion for patient care is what makes us exceptional. A commitment to these standards will help us achieve our goals and provide the best patient experience. Accountability isn't a burden we place on others, it's a responsibility we all accept and share.


I will refrain from a negative attitude & be respectful of patients, customers, co-workers and physicians.
I will acknowledge those I encounter courteously, and meet the needs of patients and visitors in a prompt manner.
I will answer phone calls promptly and professionally, return calls and check my hospital email in a timely manner.
I will look for moments to speak highly of our patients, physicians, and organization.

I will be professionally and personally responsible for my actions and my work.
I will be on time, prepared to work, and provide ample notice when incurring an unanticipated absence.
I will follow dress code policies and my department's safety guidelines.
I will take responsibility for demonstrating positive behaviors and positive attitude with patients, their families, co-workers and physicians.
I will not embarrass, ridicule, or bully anyone.
I will consistently look for ways to improve my performance and that of my team and the organization.

I will demonstrate respect and kindness with my words, my tone of voice, and my body language.
I will treat everyone I encounter as the most important person I serve today.

I will respect the cultural and religious differences of everyone with whom I come into contact.
I will provide privacy for each individual within and out of the hospital.
I will answer call lights in a timely manner and provide assistance to those who need it, or find someone who can.

I will strive to make people feel appreciated and valued by recognizing the efforts and contributions they make.
I will present problems with possible solutions.
I will accept advice and criticism with an open mind.
I will help set the tone of the day by being positive and mindful of agreed upon meetings and deadlines.
I will refrain from using phrases like "I don't have time" or "I am busy" when I am unable to meet a request.
I agree to follow these Standards of Behavior. I will use them as a tool to better MCHHS for our patrons, my coworkers, and myself.