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Kimball Health Services

Survey - Rehab Services

Kimball Health Services wants to provide the best possible service to you, our patient. Please help us better serve you by completing the questionnaire. Feel free to express your opinions frankly.
After each statement, please select the letter which reflects your satisfaction/opinion. If you had no experience with a particular item, skip to the next one. Also, feel free to comment on any positive or negative experience you might have had.
Excellent=E, Good=G, Fair=F, Poor=P
* Learn
How did you learn about our facility?
Physician     Friend     Telephone Book     Insurance Company     Former Patient     Other    
* Experience
Was this your first experience with therapy?
yes     no    
* Our Facility
Was this your first experience with our facility?
yes     no    
* Privacy
My privacy was respected during my rehabilitation care.
E     G     F     P    
* Therapist
My therapist was courteous.
E     G     F     P    
* Members
All other staff members were courteous.
E     G     F     P    
* Appointments
The rehab office scheduled appointments at convenient times.
E     G     F     P    
* Treatment
I was satisfied with the treatment provided by my therapist.
E     G     F     P    
* Visit
My first visit for therapy was scheduled quickly.
E     G     F     P    
* Arrival
I was seen promptly when I arrived for treatment.
E     G     F     P    
* Schedule
It was easy to schedule appointments after my first appointment.
E     G     F     P    
* Location
The location of the facility was convenient for me.
E     G     F     P    
* Bills
My bills were accurate.
E     G     F     P    
* Parking
Parking was available for me.
E     G     F     P    
* Condition
My therapist understood my problem or condition.
E     G     F     P    
* Helpful
The instructions my therapist gave me were helpful.
E     G     F     P    
* Family/Friends
I would recommend this facility to family or friends.
E     G     F     P    
* Therapy
I would return to this facility if I required therapy care in the future.
E     G     F     P    
* Cost
The cost of the therapy treatment received was resonable.
E     G     F     P    
* Myself
If I had to, I would pay for these therapy services myself.
E     G     F     P    
* Satisified
Overall, I was satisfied with my experience with therapy.
E     G     F     P    
* Treatment
If you recall the name of your therapist, please indicate it here.
* Therapist Comments
Please list any comments regarding your therapist:
Please feel free to list any comments you may have:
* Pleasing
Was there any particular thing or person who made your visit especially pleasing?